Atalanta – Juventus.Nikolay Marchuk’s forecast
Atalanta – Juventus.Nikolay Marchuk’s forecast

Atalanta - Juventus . Atalanta this season clearly pleases its fans and the overall fifth place in the standings shows this . Statistics say that Atalanta plays very well at home, in the last 8 matches 6 wins and 2 draws, so I predict from Atalanta a fight with Juventus, which is now in the Champions League, not in the championship, although Juve will surely kill their goal.
Therefore, I expect goals in the match from both sides, and the total (2.0) is more + good play from Atalanta and therefore (+1) I bet on it!

Ordinary: Win
+389 ₴
21: 45/28 Apr
Atalanta - Juventus

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